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September 21st, 2019

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cory Wride Memorial Park

Eagle Mountain City, Utah

Calling All Artists!

Want a chance to sell your artwork alongside other artists?


Come and Be A Part of The Arts at ShopFest Utah!

This can include quilts, paintings, prints, photography, anything you create!

Please complete this application and submit questions to no later than September 14th, 2019. By selecting the "Submit" button at the conclusion of this form, you affirm that the information shared is truthful and complete to your best knowledge and that should any information change, you will inform Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance immediately.


Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first serve basis and vetted by a selection committee of Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance to ensure a balanced event. Should your application be accepted, you will be billed for the $25 booth space fee which will be required to be paid within 30 days of application acceptance. If payment is not made, the space(s) will be released to other applicants.


Please note that Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance reserves the right to deny an application and refund a business if the business's products or services are not appropriate for a family-friendly event. Preference is given to Eagle Mountain City-based businesses but small businesses from throughout Utah are invited to submit applications.

Booth requirements can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Arts at ShopFest Utah Application

Thanks for submitting!


Eagle Mountain City and Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance aim to provide a wholesome and entertaining experience to visitors of The Arts at ShopFest and ensure that all vendors are able to satisfactorily display their products and services. Please review the below requirements prior to selecting your booth option and submitting this form.

Booth Supplies

All tents, canopies, tables, chairs, etc. must be provided by the vendor. Only 10x10 canopy tents are permitted.

Vehicles may not be parked in the booth area. Any booth using any heat or fire-producing equipment or tools must have an appropriate and functional fire extinguisher in their booth.

Booth Setup

Each vendor will be responsible for the setup of their own booth. Vendors shall begin setup of their booths no earlier than 6 AM the day of the Fair and be set up no later than 9 AM. You may not deliver any materials before 5:30 AM on the day of the The Arts at ShopFest.

Your booth must be attractive, safe, and appropriate for a family event. Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance reserves the right to require changes to booths if this standard is not met.

Booth Maintenance

Security of the booth will be the vendor's responsibility. Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance is not liable for damages to or loss of product, property, or funds misplaced or stolen. Law enforcement will be present as a deterrant. You are expected to keep your booth clean, pick up your own trash, and conduct all activity within the confines of your own booth. No materials, samples, literature, or other material may be distributed in the vicinity of the entrances to The Arts at ShopFest Utah. By submitting an application with The Arts at ShopFest Utah, you agree to keep your booth in place and staffed for the duration of the event.

Booth Cleanup

At the conclusion of The Arts at ShopFest Utah, you are required to clean your booth area thoroughly, pick up any trash, and dispose of trash in designated containers. Cleanup shall be prompt. Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance reserves the right to issue fines for any damage to property or littering. Any property remaining after 8:00 PM on the day of the event will be discarded and a disposal fee will be charged to the vendor.


Prohibited Products & Services

Vendors are not permitted to sell the following: Weapons, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, items depicting nudity or sexually explicit acts, adult products, fireworks, or animals.

Cancellation Policy

Registration refunds are permitted prior to one month before Arts at ShopFest Utah.

Non-Profit, Political, Religious Groups

The Arts at ShopFest Utah is strictly a small business event. Therefore, political, religious, or otherwise non-profit groups or causes will not be permitted to apply for booth spaces. Representatives from these groups are permitted to be at The Arts at ShopFest Utah walking the event and may distribute information but must not interfere with business activity happening at the event

Direct Sales and MLM Companies


The Arts at Shopfest Utah is specifically for artists selling their own art (quilts, paintings, etc). There will be no MLMs, direct sales from outside companies, or goods and services permitted in The Arts at ShopFest Utah.

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