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The Literary Arts

Check out our installments of the Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance Anthologies! Each year we host a writing conference in the fall, and hold a writing and illustration contest that features the theme of the workshop. On top of other fun prizes, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category are featured in an anthology for both writing and illustrating. We're so proud of each of our winners! Make sure to watch for next year's contest theme!


2015 anthology.jpg

Chris Jones (Author),
Tiffany Chandler (Author)
​Sarah Droegemueller (Author)
Sara Jo Cluff (Author)
Rachelle Hearn (Illustrator)
Zoe Clair (Illustrator)
Emily Clair (Illustrator)
Jason Hearn (Illustrator)
Riley Hearn (Illustrator)


2017 anthology.jpg

Tiffany Chandler (Author)

Sara Jo Cluff (Author)

SJ Winters (Author)

Chris Jones (Author)

Alayna C Lopez (Author)

Alexis Fulkerson (Author)

Hannah Anderson (Author)

R Rose Scanlon (Author)

Matthew Draper (Author)

Evelyn Lopez (Author)

Emily Cannon (Author)

Katie Ottesen (Author)

Rachelle Hardy (Illustrator)

Zoe Clair (Illustrator)

Emily Clair (Illustrator)

Sabrina Heller (Illustrator)

Jason Hearn (Illustrator

Riley Hardy (Illustrator)


2016 Anthology.jpg

Tiffany Chandler (Author)
Jodi L Milner  (Author)
Michael Bacera (Author)
Chris Jones (Author)
Penelope Kornelis (Author)
David Chandler (Author, Illustrator)
Calvin Kornelis (Author)
Emilia Watts(Illustrator)
Delia Hopkin (Illustrator)
Emily Clair (Illustrator)
Zoe Clair (Illustrator)
Sabrina Watts(Illustrator)
Rachelle Hearn (Illustrator)
Riley Hearn (Illustrator)
Jason Hearn (Illustrator)


2018 Cover.jpg

Christopher JH Jones (Author

Sammie Trinidad (Author

Jessica Boyd (Author)

R. Rose Scanlon (Author)

Meagan Sparks (Author)

Emma Rose (Author)

Emily Cannon (Author)

Mikayla Milner (Author)

Tayson Riley (Author)

Daniel Milner (Author)

Tanya Hales (Illustrator

Jodi L. Milner (Illustrator)

Hope Cuthbert (Illustrator)


2020 anthology.jpg

Trish LeBaron

Chris Jones

Jessica Guernsey

Ryan Hacking

RRose Scanlon

Emma Rose

Michaela Watters

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